Zach Hetrick | Around the World with Kevin Hart

Brooklyn based running and sports photographer Zach Hetrick sits down with me for episode 5. Last summer, Zach photographed comedian Kevin Hart as he traveled to various cities in the US and Canada. Through establishing the right connections, Zach’s career has really taken off by carving himself a niche of being a photographer that can run with the subjects in addition to advertising and commercial photography.

We chat about how Nike Run Club photographers grew from a couple to over 40 photographers in such a short time. Zach also shares his take on traditional marketing such as promo mailing and bulk email through a database as well as ‘speed’ portfolio review sessions. We also talk pricing, rates and how ‘Instagram famous’ photographers are affecting commercial and advertising photography.

This episode is packed with knowledge about rates, buyouts, editorial, pricing, quoting, gear and Kevin Hart. All things photographers care about of course.

Zach's Gear

Zach Hetrick | Around the World with Kevin Hart

Canon 5d MarkIII
Canon 5dS
Sigma 35 f/1.4
Canon 17-40 f/4
Canon 70-200 f/2.8


To be a successful photographer, only one person has to like your work. It just has to be the right person.

It’s not about my photography, it’s about the people who like my photography.

Run with Hart

Zach Hetrick | Around the World with Kevin Hart

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