Victor G Thomas (@Vic.Invades) | Urbex in Brooklyn

Brooklyn based creative, Victor G Thomas (@vic.invades), is a freelance photographer who is 100% self taught and also happens to be an urban explorer (urbexer).

For Victor, photography came first and then Urbexing. It made perfect sense to mix the two and capture those views to share with everyone through his artistic eye.

In this week’s conversation, we talk about everything from overcoming fear to what it’s like standing on a ledge 100+ stories overlooking New York City.

Show Notes


Nikon D3200
Tamron 10-24
Nikon 35mm
Nikon 50 1.4


As human beings, we’re not meant to be that high.

When I’m up there, I feel like where I’m supposed to be.

For some reason I don’t sleep at night, and I think about pictures all day.

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