4 Reasons to attend 2016 Photo Plus Expo

With the 2016 Photo Plus Expo in New York less than a month away, hotels and seminars are starting to fill up fast.  Held at the beautiful Jacob Javits Center, the expo runs from Wednesday, Oct 19th to Friday, Oct 21st. There are so many positives that the expo provides not just professionals, but photographers of all levels.

Photo Plus Expo

1. Photo Plus Expo giveaways and promotions

Although the cost all of our gear is always pricey, I feel like every photographer is pretty frugal. We try to save receipts, get free cleanings and stretch every dollar we can. So why no treat yourself to a free expo pass (Use code: DISCOVER) and fill a bag up full of some giveaways. Merchants like Adorama and B&H are always running specials and sales as well as product exhibitors if you buy during the expo. There are giveaways everyday that you can register for from companies like G-Tech, LaCie and others.

The expo floor is also a great place to touch, feel and use the products you’ve only been able to read about on blogs and review sites. Take them for a spin and test that Sony or Canon you’ve had your eyes on for a while. Theres even live support with Canon reps where you can ask all the questions on your gear you might have.

It’s really a great place to geek out and be around your peers. You won’t regret it!

2. Seminars are an opportunity to invest in yourself

My wife recently shared an episode from MWF Motivation podcast where the host talked about making an effort to invest some of your income monthly into your education. Yes YouTube and Google University are amazing teachers but having an industry professional in your face and being able to ask questions will pay off long after the convention is over. To be honest, it’s something I’ve personally struggled with as well but I’m making it an effort to get some more formal education (not college) over the next few months. I think it’s a neat way of saying you believe in yourself and your career.

3. Palm Springs Photo Festival

Of the emails I frequently get on portfolio reviews, this on is the most cost effective so far.

Rates for Palm Springs Photo Festival

October 19: Open Portfolio Review (non-vetted): $275 for 5 reviews.
October 20-22: Emerging and Professional Event: $325 for 5 reviews.
10% discount for 10 or more reviews.
Registration Fee: $15 per day of attendance.

There are two classes of reviews. The first is on the 19th and is for “photographers launching their careers or established pros looking for guidance / advice on their portfolios or new bodies of work.”

The second is take place from the 20th to the 22nd and is “Designed for emerging and professional editorial, commercial, advertising and fine-art photographers with fully focused, tightly edited portfolios.”

Register for a the Palm Springs Photo Festival

4. Socializing in New York is beautiful in October

As I write this post, I’m in my basement office and studio, staring at a water softener tank. You know what I’d rather be staring at come Photo Expo? Someone’s face I’ve met through Instagram or getting my work torn apart gently critiqued by expert portfolio reviewers. Even getting a smile from the person that hands out the badges as you walk in is better than starting at pink insulation in my basement.

Get out and go see a face, meet someone. We aren’t meant to be alone in front of our computers, editing into the late hours of the night. Do it.