Mike Holland – Photographing Concert Tours and Shooting Documentaries

Maryland based photographer, Mike Holland is no stranger to capturing artist performances. Since high school, he quickly started working with other Maryland based artists his craft. Connecting early on with Logic and creating work has led to a relationship with Visionary Music Group. Mike has established himself as one of the go-to photographers/ videographers for the group’s artists tours.

On this episode we talk about going to school vs being self taught, taking chances and creating opportunities for yourself. Mike shares what gear is in his current set up. We also dig into the biggest challenges he faces while on the road and how a crowd of 20,000 impacts what he has to do.

Mike is also a documentary film maker who is passionate about sharing untold stories. His most recent short film features the oldest man on death row.

Listen below to this episode and be sure to share it up. Great episode for anyone looking to get into concert photography.


:20 – Photographing the Endless Summer Tour
1:49- Crowd of 20,000 affect photography
2:54- What gear do you shoot with and what is life like on tour?
5:52- Turning around videos and editing
7:49- Who hires you and how did you get to know with Logic?
10:49- How does someone get in with bigger acts?
12:54- How does someone get started?
15:28- How did you get an interest in this?
19:36- Did you take any classes in high school and how did you educated yourself after high school?
22:45- Is college a smart move?
25:30- Who’s the creative director for the videos and how does audio work?
28:10 Whats it like watching him review a video
32:19- Being able to do both photo/video
 34:30- Setting contract upfront 
37:30- What are the goals for the next 5-10 years
41:10- If you could be on tour with anyone who would it be?
42:00- Dream camera setup
42:45- What would people be surprised to know about you?
46:48- Any life changing moments on tour?

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Mike Holland Interview Quotes

“It’s like a system, you just keep going. “4:18

“You have to be ready all the time… and any downtime we get is for editing” 7:32

“Your number #1 priority is always work on yourself work on your skills before you try to gain instagram followers or anything like that.”

“Be undeniable to people when they see your work. “12:42

“Build relationships with people get to know them, understand them, build friendships and then there will get to a point where you don’t need to ask for things.“ 14:38

“Which goes to show you I think, sometimes, gear can be a little overrated when it comes to quality of work.” 16:30

“My mom had this really old tape camera, it barely even worked…”18:15

“Do I regret it? Not one bit”22:28