Aaron Anderson- Printing Promos and List Building

This week we sit down with Colorado Springs based photographer Aaron Anderson. In this episode, we talk about how he goes about building his list and what the process of printing his promo’s looks. Aaron also shares what strategies he’s seen pay off for him and how he’s used LinkedIn to connect with art directors and art buyers.

Podcast Episode Timestamps

 :27- Who is Aaron Anderson?

1:15- How to put a promo together
3:07- List building strategy
8:18 Selecting images for portfolio and finding a printer
15:53- Response from sending a promo
19:25- Email, promo, phone calls 
23:40 – Whats the best/ most efficient way of getting face to face?
26:40 – Is the feedback different from sending one promo vs another?
28:04- What feedback are you getting from youtube and online?
29:57- How did Elinchrome find and sponsor you?
31:03- What were your first couple videos on YouTube like?
37:37- Top 3 strategies on creating a network
41:30 – What are you working on now?
43:54- Retouching and College
49:30 – Not finishing college

Show Notes + Links

Aaron Anderson- Printing Promos and List Building

Aaron Anderson Tutorial

The Gap

Aaron Anderson Instagram

Truth Bombs

“Picking up the phone is invaluable. People want to talk to people… they want to know you’re a really person.”
“No one is really looking to hire you”