Lou Lesko- Building Confidence and Bidding for Jobs

If you’re looking to get some epic knowledge bombs dropped on you (like the one below) with a dose or motivation and confidence building, you need to listen to this episode as Lou Lesko, photographer, writer and founder of BlinkBid. Lou and I sat down to discus bidding with confidence and what tools someone up and coming can use to educated themself on how to give an appropirate budget and estimate for a job. This is a must listen to episode, so check it out now or download it and save for later.

“You’re shooting at level 2, but most of society is at level 1 so they think you are amazing. But if you are level 2 you’re looking at level 4, which means you think you suck. You are always looking up higher than you are and where you are is above what most people expect from you.”

Lou Lesko- Building Confidence and Bidding for Jobs


00:00 – The begining, duh!

1:30- Embracing why you were selected for a bid

3:27- Difference between shooting personal work and being on set

3:51- How does it work when an agency calls you

5:15- Suits vs creatives

8:08 – Bidding against others/ asking questions

9:55- Finding out who’s on the shoot

11:35- Asking the right questions

12:37- Accommodating the client

14:12- Removing the word prying 

14:40- The Art Producer alredy knows who you are

15:41- Don’t be an ass and NEVER gossip

17:04- Confidence and taking chance

18:54- BS, executing the vision, elephants on set

22:54- How an Instagrammer should bid a job

27:02- Finding a Bid Consultant or Producer

29:56- Standing Tall

35:16- Don’t undervalue yourself

37:44- Taking the leap

41:52- Articles and finding Lou Lesko

42:19- The Ghosts of Communism


Show Notes and Links

Online software to produce estimates and submit invoices

The Ghost of Communism
A story of how Lou Lesko learned to become a photojournalist by pretending to be a photojournalist during one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the Eastern Bloc.

Lou Lesko on Instagram

Agency Access
Consulting services for photographers to prepare estimates

Wonderful Machine
Shoot production services for both photographers and clients. Listen to episode with producer Craig Oppenheimer

BlinkBid Screenshots

Estimating, production, and invoicing software for creative professionals.

Truth bombs

“Theres not right way and you just need  as much information as possible to create the best experience possible.”

“You never know what the answer is going to be so just ask”

“The only way you know you’re moving ahead as a photographer is if you’re on the job and you feel like you’re in over your head. “

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