S2E5: Caitlin Dooley | The Power of a Stylist

New York City based Stylist Caitlin Dooley keeps Season 2 of The Creative Freelancer going strong. It’s already our 23rd episode of this podcast and like all great things with the number #23, Caitlin delivers.

Ever wonder what a photographer should have lined up before dropping into that stylist’s DM and asking them to work together on a personal project? We cover that in this episode. Caitlin also discusses the role of a stylist on set as well as what to do with the wardrobe before, during and after a shoot that’ll make you finally realize that working with a stylist will make shoots with a wardrobe light years easier and yield a better image for your portfolio in the end.

As an industry expert, Caitlin talks about all the dos and don’ts for any aspiring stylists out there. She also shares memories from her first few jobs and how those tough lessons helped develop her process as a stylist. Near the end of the conversation Caitlin drops some knowledge about where the heck personal style should comes from.

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S2E5: Caitlin Dooley | The Power of a Stylist

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