S2E2 : Amy Wolff | How to shoot for a magazine

Our guest on this week’s podcast episode is Hearst Photo Director Amy Wolff. Amy oversees the photo departments for Runner’s World, Bicycling and Popular Mechanics magazines. Last month I put out a question on my Instagram asking everyone “Who do you want to be a guest on The Creative Freelancer?” Amy Wolff was the collective request (alongside Emily Maye which will be the next episode).

In our conversation, we discuss the current role of a photo director in the magazine industry and how she sees that changing. We talk about the recent visual brand shift at the magazines and what was the driving force behind them and also tackle the question everyone was sliding into my DM’s about, “How can I shoot for Runner’s World Magazine??!!”

This episode is great for anyone looking to get on a magazine’s photo editors radar and explains in detail how to do it the right way. Hint: You don’t send nasty emails saying “I can’t believe you hired that person instead of me!”

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S2E2 : Amy Wolff | How to shoot for a magazine
S2E2 : Amy Wolff | How to shoot for a magazine

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