Craig Oppenheimer – Producing and Pricing

“Hi, yes I’d like to hire you for an assignment and it has to happen tomorrow. Our day rate is $900 and we need the rights to images.” If that phone call hit you today, would you be prepared to answer it? Well this episode of The Creative Freelancer can help educate you to know what questions to ask and how to make sure you aren’t screwing yourself by agreeing to anything over the phone.

Craig Oppenheimer is an executive producer at Wonderful Machine and is pretty much a rockstar when it comes to accurately pricing proposals and estimates for both photographers and advertising clients.

Based outside of Philadelphia, Wonderful Machine is a production company with a network of over 700 photographers around the world. In addition to working with ad agencies, graphic design firms, corporations, brands and magazines to produce shoot of all shapes and sizes, Wonderful Machine has a staff of photo editorsdesignerspublicistsmarketing consultants and producers who consult with photographers to help them with every aspect of their business.

Craig and his team have produced shoots for clients such as Land Rover, Reebok, Pepsi, New Balance, Ford, Sony, Bentley, Coca-Cola and more.

This episode is packed with some real life tips based on Craig’s extensive pricing, negotiating and production experience. We talk about what the biggest mistakes he sees photographers make as well as instances in which photographers have left money on the table. Tune in below and share with someone who you know would benefit from this conversation.